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As the dark days of December during my freshman year of college were closing in around me, I grasped at anything full of cheer and distraction to keep my spirits up through finals week. The first essay had me choking on my cafeteria lunch I was laughing so hard. Sedaris is the author of nine books, most of which are collections of humorous essays based on his family and personal life. Remember when I said I laughed so hard I almost choked? This was the essay that made me, and so many Americans, immediately commit to the writing of David Sedaris.

A life in writing: David Sedaris

It is replayed on NPR almost every year during the week of Christmas. David Sedaris grew up one of six children, making his siblings and parents frequent starring characters. Someone in our family had taken to wiping his or her ass with the bath towels. If struggling to learn a second language in a foreign country is usually a stressful experience, it becomes an extremely funny one in the hands of David Sedaris.

Underneath the humor, however, Sedaris captures the anxiety of being a student, and the camaraderie easily formed between classmates who hate their teacher.

Read this one as a student and view your difficult classes or stodgy professors in a new light. While reading these essays online or in books is wonderful, I believe the true magic of a David Sedaris essay can only be experienced by listening to the man himself deliver the stories.

The cleverness of his stories can only be matched by his impeccable comedic timing when reading them aloud. You will love these stories, and find them to be a wonderful addition to his varied and beloved backlist.

Reading Sedaris' family stories is like tuning into a spectacularly well-written sit-com. His attention and wit are as incisive as ever, but Sedaris brings a stronger sense of self to the pages of Calypso Instead, he has mastered the art of modulation, weaving together grief with silliness, the joys of life with the fact of death. Sedaris grapples poignantly and satisfyingly and yes, often hilariously with death, the aging body, and just how far the bonds of family can stretch.

When a David Sedaris story made you feel wistful, it used to be the exception; in Calypso , it's the rule.


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