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However, it is possible to try to understand love by breaking it down into several categories.

Twelfth Night: Suffering Through Love

Humans have been pondering this idea for centuries, with one of the earliest examples being found in the Christian Bible Powerful Essays words 4. Powerful Essays words 2. In the play we come to see that none of the relationships that develop are considered normal, or what we call true love because true love has no reason, often it just occurs without knowing. However if you consider the relationships in this play you can see that the characters are all searching for love or have a reason to find love.

Throughout Twelfth Night or What You Will, Shakespeare uses puns with characters such as Viola to cross-dress and change their identity.

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In Act 3, scene 1, Olivia displays the confusion created for both characters and audience as she takes on the traditionally male role of wooer in an attempt to win the disguised Viola, or Cesario. Olivia praises Cesario's beauty and then addresses him with the belief that his "scorn" 3. However, Olivia's mistaken interpretation of Cesario's manner is only the surface problem presented by her speech From my point of view I feel that the crux of the play is primarily based on this concept.

Indeed "there's something in it that is deceivable" summarizes this point precisely. There are countless occasions where unrequited love for another results in heartbreak and sorrow.

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Malvolio is a social climber, he feels that if Olivia would love him his status would be higher. But because of his pompous attitude Olivia is definitely not in love with him, and the rest of the house finds him quite annoying.

Love in 'Twelfth Night'.

Malvolio is then fooled into thinking that at last, his lady has fallen for him. When he approaches her though, she thinks he has gone mad and sends him away to be locked up.

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To make her love him back, Duke hires Cesario to woo Olivia for him. It is at this point in the story where the love triangle is created. Each character suffers in sorrow as they cannot have who they desire, because of status, gender or love for another. Antonio rescues Sebastian after the shipwreck that separated him from his twin, Viola.

Antonio immediately takes a liking to Sebastian and helps get back on his feet.

Themes in Twelfth Night

Because Antonio thinks Cesario is Sebastian, he steps in to defend him, out of his love. You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck?

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