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Specifically, this study required to find the data collection of student records in Livingstone International University, to improve on the impact of information protection of student records, and finally, it was done to establish the improvement of computerized information management of student Records In Livingstone international University.

The study adopted a descriptive design, with a population of 42, a sample size of 37, sampling methods such as cluster sampling, and Systematic Probabilistic data collection.

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The finding shows that data collection at Livingstone currently uses manual that is to say form filling, verbal and later kept manually or in files,but they are planning to buy a software for future. The researcher suggests that further research should be conducted in departments at Livingstone since students collect different information and stored in places such as recruitment and among others. Fifty-six acres of land have already been purchased just outside of Mbale municipality on the main road that goes west toward Kampala. A campus master plan has been developed, and fund-raising is taking place for eventual construction of LIU's permanent campus on this site.

This allowed Livingstone International University to begin buying property, prepare curricula, hire faculty and staff and set up banking and other business tasks. This prepared the way for the first student intake in January, Currently Livingstone International University is working under the guidance of the NCHE toward qualifying for a full university charter.

In Livingstone international University Campus, information of management for student records are recorded every semester, and at the end of the year, the summary is done. The recording is done by the secretary, registrar and recruitment office.

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The main advantage of paper based systems is that papers are easily human auditable and storage and can be stored properly without the virus affecting them, according Henry, However the disadvantages overweighs the disadvantage as, for instance the need to print the record of the student when it is in paper system, it slows the system, inflexible.

This will simplify on capturing and storing of data for a long period of time 1. Historical perspective The student records management system is the SRMS that will hold the business in its goal to a paperless office environment. From the acronym itself, the SRMS is that management process that will protect information and data to ensure that all the records and the files in the system database of the business organization is protected and easily accessed by users in the framework.

In the shortest definition of the automated records management system, it is simply that process that is employed by the organization in the maintenance of records and files from the very moment that they arrive to the business or were created by the enterprise up to the period when they will be deemed ready for eradication and deletion from the archived or active databases. The records handled by the student records management system may come in tangible forms that will be translated to digital formats with the use of the latest technologies in the market.

It can be used for knowing the current status of any aspect of the business due to its on-line real time processing capability. Proper records management underpins policy formulation, decision making, protects interests of organization, and protects rights of employers and students in addition to helping Institutions conduct business and deliver services in a consistent and equitable manner.

Such as the system will work in the active records section. This mean that it can give you access and help you manage the most current documents and data that the operations are handling. In time, the next area and sector would be the determination of destruction of the documents in a secured manner that will ensure that all of the data from the files will still be kept secret and confidential. The student records management system will give the business organization streamlined operations that will reduce paper based transactions to the bare minimum.

Simply, the automated records management system is a method that will do all the filing and management of documents for the organization. The study found p. The Archives and Corporate Records Services ACRS undertook preliminary costings associated with various options for retention and media conversion and it was evident that the current general practice of retaining all documentation was not sustainable.

A working group was then established in early to determine whether it would be possible to control costs associated with archiving through an evaluation of what should be kept. The working group tentatively identified the core information which should be kept, but agreed that a thorough survey was required to support its conclusions. According to Sauer argued that some people will see them as an expense, others as a solution, a control mechanism, a threat to the quality of working life or even as a technical problem in The diverse perceptions of the Information system resulted in a huge differences in the definitions of IS that are available.

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Lucas describes an Information systems are seen as a strategic resource within the organization, that is, they have an important impact on key operations which determine the livelihood of the organization Martin, Student information system literally means the general information systems for maintaining and providing student information. It exists in all the schools, colleges, universities and any other education institutions. However, those information systems vary. Some of them are paper based; heavily manual work is involved in managing and maintaining information such as student personal records files.

However, recently, most schools, even down to the very smallest, utilize computers in some way or another. The uses to which the computers are put vary enormously, ranging from word processing and spreadsheet through to worldwide on-line access, complicated user access permission system and vast functionalities. These subsystems range from data collection, transaction processing and validating, processing, analyzing and storing the information in databases. MIS is a system which receives data from different units and produces information and provides managers in all levels with relative, just-in-time, precise and uniform information for decision-making and MohdEhmer Khan and Farmeena Khan; Information and Knowledge and Management www.

Poor record management results in difficulties in administering, planning and monitoring an education system. In fact, poor records management and the lack of staff development along the entire information cycle are responsible for problems with management and policy implementation in University. So as to manage any information well, it is vital initially to determine its characteristics and functions.

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This is important, because the way in which records which contain the information are arranged depends on the type of information they contain. Where it helps to provide accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the organizations planning, control, and operational functions to be carried out effectively. However, at Livingstone international University has technology, but accessing Students records in Livingstone international university has always been problematic for example Cases of delayed marks, incorrect grades, delays in issuing academic awards have all been too common therefore findings will reveal poor records management as the biggest problem facing Universities especially Livingstone.

Impact of computerized data collection on maintenance of student records in Livingstone international university. Impact of computerized information protection MIS on maintenance student records iii. What is the impact of computerized data collection on maintenance of student records in University? What is the impact of computerized information protection MIS on student records? What is the impact of computerized records management on maintenance of student records?

It is It is only a part of Student Information Management System. The system should be able to capture, validate, sort, classify, calculate, summarize, store, retrieve, reproduce and communicate operational data. Student information System will store semester details, course details, department details and all the details of students including their background information, educational qualifications and personal details etc.

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The proposed system will have the following features: Login module: Login module will help in authentication of user accounts. Users who have valid login id and password can only login into their respective accounts; Search module: This model allows one to search for a Particular student or group of students using search criteria such as name of student, Index number, course code among others; Registration Module and Account Management: This module will help the student get registered from anywhere if internet is present.

This module will really simplify the task of the manual registration. Under Ideal conditions, the constructs under management information system should translate into appropriate maintenance of student records, however ideal conditions were rare and this could be as a result of a host of intervening variables that included cultural, human, and organizational and among others.

The discussion of the findings of the study based on conceptualization of these variables on the study.

SRMS can be defined as a system providing management with accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the organizations planning, control, and operational functions to be carried out effectively. Student Records as a based service that allows students to manage their personal information, academic and administrative staff to view student information and perform student administration tasks.

According to the university of Florida explained that a student is an individual who is registered for a university credit course or program. A student record, also known as an education record, contains information directly related to a student, which means that the record is personally identifiable. Student records are Student records may be presented by the student, submitted on behalf of the student, or created by the University. These records are used to assist offices in their support of basic institutional objectives and to document student progress and achievement in the educational process of the University.

The search string matrix was developing continually throughout the review process. According to kyobe, South African university explained that computerized Information security issues e. According to Wamukoya and Mutual noted that poor security However, little protection of the information of student records is not serious because other students access the information about other students or colleagues without permission hence the need for proper protection for the student records well 2.

In addition, student records contain data which the institution can aggregate and analyze to inform future strategy, planning and service provision. A student is an individual who is registered for university credit course or program. Educational institutions and agencies are required to conform to fair information practices. This means that persons who are subjects of data systems i. Similarly, Isman found that students in Eastern Mediterranean University have very positive attitude towards Internet use; just as Allen found that the students surveyed were receptive towards electronic information resources while the internet was their most used of these resources available to them.

Even Idowu found that the Nigerian university librarians have a positive disposition towards the computerized systems. On the other hand computerized records management may be defined as that part of records management that deals with records in electronic form. According to Johnston and Bowen computerized record management includes 'the creation, use, maintenance and disposal of electronically created records for the purposes of providing evidence of It is a specific type of information reflecting and providing evidence of business processes or individual activities Bantin On the other hand according to Scottish Government of Scotland noted that computerized records management is the process of managing records throughout their life cycle, from their creation, usage, maintenance and storage to their ultimate destruction or permanent preservation.

According to Muhenda Proper records management underpins policy formulation, decision making, protects interests of organization, and protects rights of employers and students in addition to helping Institutions conduct business and deliver services in a consistent and equitable manner. Little is yet known about the management of computerized records management and compliance with electronic communication regulations by academics and students in Livingstone international university.

Formal according to the registrar, it is worthwhile and full to develop strong student information management system for the school to hold the large amount of data that is generated. Mohammad Nassar for Researches Establishment is registered company in Jordan under the number , the company national number is Mohammad Nassar for Researches Establishment provides research and scientific publication support services.

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  • However, this situation results in emerging issues such as unsecured information access and low quality information products. These issues strongly threaten performance of BNs. So, they need to be recognized and countered by information governance IG mechanisms in an appropriate way. IG in the context of BNs can be characterized as a holistic approach to enable high quality and secure information exchanges among collaborating parties.

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    To do so, the dissertation is organized within the three main parts. The first part of the thesis characterizes SBNs within an integrated framework in the form of three-two dimensional matrices. The applicability and usefulness of the developed framework to characterize service orientation in real-life BNs is evaluated by a multiple-case study. The second part of the dissertation concentrates on the identification of the IG issues resulting from service orientation in BNs. To do so, a systematic literature review is conducted that results in the identification of the 28 IG issues.

    These issues are categorized within information quality, information security, and metadata domains. The practical relevance of the theoretically identified IG issues is evaluated by a case study. The third part of the dissertation describes synthesizing an architectural solution to deal with the identified IG issues.

    The designed architecture specifies components that support governing information assets that are exchanged to manage dynamic networked business processes in SBNs. The summary of his PhD thesis, the propositions accompanying the dissertation, and the acknowledgements can be downloaded below:.

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